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To the attention of all users of the system. Detected a problem with sending emails confirming registration. Currently we solve this question, and all registered users will receive an email confirmation. For mail services, which have a problem in the first place include:
It is desirable to log in to use mail
Dear user!
After the registration you will get a letter on you e-mail with a link for confirming the registration. For confirmation just click on this link. Please, make sure that the letter won't go to spam by mistake. If this occured, mark the letter as "Not spam" and transfer it to the "Inbox" folder. If the letter doesn't arrive during 3 hours, and it is not in the spam, please, contact our support team via the contact form on the Contacs page.
Уважаемый посетитель! Для совершения каких-либо действий на сайте Вы должны быть авторизированы.
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